Bonding with friends -Overplayed

I tried smoking before but I really didn’t liked the taste except when I was drinking together with my friends, but I kind of miss how the opus x cigars makes me feel easy and not bloated. I love smoking after eating heavy meals, but I decided to quit because my doctor advised me to stop because it’s bad for my health.

Another Boring Saturday

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Another Saturday morning! and i was so bored.Im listening to my favorite Taylor Swift music and i noticed that  my little puppy keeps on licking my feet maybe he’s bored too and he wanted to go out but i wonder how to carry him around. So im planning to buy him a kennel so that he will still feel at home even away from home. Now i wonder where to go.. any idea guys?


Bieber Pranks Swift!

First of all I wanted to greet Justin Bieber a Happy Happy Birthday! he just turned 18 this week! For those bieber and swift fans you must see this!!! According to Yahoo,

The trailer, which showed up as an exclusive on Ryan Seacrest’s site Thursday, has a smiling Bieber saying “I think we should start with Taylor.” He then apparently gets Swift to shoot some fireworks off the balcony of a beach house. Which land on an offshore yacht. And cause it to catch on fire! This particular yacht apparently is hosting a wedding ceremony. So poor Swift not only is horrified by the idea of burning up someone’s boat–she’s tricked into thinking she’s actually ruined someone’s special day!

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