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Anushka’s Summer Hair Care Tips

This summer, let your locks get sun- kissed! With a few simple hair care tips from Anushka Sharma, no summer stresses for your tresses!

With summer just around the corner, so are your hair care woes. while many don’t realize it, scorching sun, harmful UV rays and high levels of humidity are the cause of serious hair damage. the excessive sweating, dirt and grime don’t help at all, making your hair rough, dehydrated, and frizzy. Bombshell Anushka Sharma’s simple tips will keep your hair beautiful & bouncy just like her luscious locks, and let you have fun in the sun without stressing about your tresses!

Oiling your hair with coconut oil will condition and prevent your luscious locks from turning frizzy and brittle.

Keep yourself well hydrated by having lots of water and fruits like melons, watermelons, oranges and squashes to maintain your moisture balance.

Don’t wash your hair too often as that will dry it up. also, make sure you oil your hair with coconut oil before washing to maintain its softness. Avoid using hair-dryers as they only damage your hair and leads to the development of split ends. go for an air- dry instead.

Don’t use bands without metal closures, barrettes with smooth edges, etc. that would not damage or tear your hair leading to split ends. Before stepping out in the sun, cover your head with a scarf, umbrella, or hat.

Keeping your hair short at this time will help you enjoy summers better and might just give you the make-over you have been looking for.

Opt for natural remedies to regain the shine and strength of your hair like:- Applying Coconut hair oil mixed with raw amla powder or with egg yolk and water, keeping it for 15 – 20 minutes on hair and rinse it off.

Hair care is in your hands and these simple tips will ensure you happy hair days all summer long!

Expert Opinion – Dr Rashmi Shetty, Parachute Advansed Knowledge centre says:

• Coconut hair oil is one of the best natural nutrition for hair during the summer for its quality of strengthening the structure of damaged, devitalized hair.

• Coconut hair oil is an excellent conditioner as it achieves up to 90% hair penetration right through to the cortex. it forms a protective layer around your hair preventing it from damaging effects of heat and dirt, and also helps protect against loss of vital proteins from hair.

• in summers, avoid any styling or hair care products that contain alcohol or formaldehyde since these products excessively dry out your hair. Regular use of Coconut hair oil can ensure that your hair is always healthy and moisturized, despite the heat and humidity

• Use natural moisturizing shampoo during summer, rather, as they are more gentle on your hair. Since coconut oil is very light oil, a single shampoo will remove the unwanted extra grease unlike other oils which may require multiple shampooing and thus result in dry hair.

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